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I have been living with my family (husband and three children) in South Korea for the past 9 years. Our daughter, Vienna, is currently back home in the UK studying Art History at St. Andrews University. Our first son, Aaron is studying Film at the University of the Arts in London. And our third child, also a son, is called Phoenix. He is just 8 years old, and he is in Year 4. He currently studies at a British international school here in Korea called Dulwich College Seoul (

I have to admit that I love Phoenix’s school, and it does certainly try to challenge its students so that they can reach the best of their ability. But, as an educator myself, I do still feel that Phoenix often needs a helping hand – a boost – to help him at school, and to help him excel. So, I try to use some materials from back home, and combine these with some of my own, to help give him this boost.

Every day I try to give him something to do – Maths, English, History or even Latin – and he does that at home, either as “homework” or as a homeschooled lesson we do together.

The idea behind all his extra tuition is to keep him on target and in tune with the independent school system back home. As a result, the materials we use are all ones which are in line with the independent school system in the UK.

The reason for me starting this blog is to share the materials I am using, and hopefully help – and get help from – other people. I’ll also be sharing some interesting finds about education and how we educate our children.

Education is such a crucial part of everyone’s life – and it is unfortunate that some kids feel unchallenged, bored, unstimulated or even left behind. A standardised education system doesn’t always suit everyone – our kids aren’t robots, after all – so hopefully, having an extra little helping hand will give our kids that boost they need.

I hope you enjoy reading this blog. And, thank you for dropping by!


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  1. Jennifer Calvert

    May 27, 2015 at 11:11 pm

    Love your site Sharon. Great resource for teachers. I’m an early childhood educator and have enjoyed reading your articles.

    Liked by 1 person

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