Continuing the theme of the Growth mindset at Phoenix’s school, he was shown a video called ‘Austin’s Butterfly’, which I found very cute – as well as extremely eye-opening and inspiring.

It’s about the process of drawing a butterfly for a first grader called Austin. As you can see from the picture below, the process of transformation between the first picture and the last is amazing. And all of this was possible because he took on board the comments of his peers and never gave up. Each setback or step along the process was a learning experience for him – and just look at what he produced! Fantastic!

As you watch the video, look at how engaged the children are! Look at how many fantastic ideas they have! Look at how much they want to LEARN and IMPROVE!

Phoenix was very inspired by this video and it sparked a very interesting conversation between us. Click to watch the video here.

I hope you find it interesting too.


 You can also click the picture to watch the video