I recently found myself browsing some TED talks and stumbled across a genius in education called Sir Ken Robinson.

Since being uploaded, his TED talk in 2006 has been one of the most watched talks ever, and I can honestly say that, not only is it witty, inspiring and amazingly insightful, but I think it’s also one of the most captivating talks I’ve seen on education.

Schools kill creativity, because the standardised education system is outdated – built around the Industrial Revolution when everything ‘needed’ to be measured and mass manufactured (even our kids!).

As we now live in the digital age not the industrial age, surely our education systems need a good overhaul.

Sir Ken Robinson’s entertaining and profoundly moving talk calls for a move towards a more creative education system – one that encourages creativity rather than stifles it.

Whether you’re an educator or not, this is an interesting talk for anyone to watch.